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The ‘Terms of Use’ section comes in a combination with our Cookie, Privacy Policy, in which you can find and read about our conditions and rules before requesting services on It is important for us to provide users with every detail of the process and explain what information we require and receive simultaneously.

To your information, we are using the myriad of cookies and certain technologies in order to obtain any of the users’ personal data. More details on Cookies you can read and find in the relevant section. We are kindly asking all users to read these materials in order to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

Age Restriction

We do not obtain and receive any data (including user’s personal data) from, and, content on our web pages and/or our professional facilities are not directed under the age of 14.


By requesting or using our Services you confirm and affirm that

  • Any data you provide us is credible and proper;
  • You will uphold this data pertinently;
  • You are not underaged and you can be legally obliged to any contracts/settlements;
  • You are ready to abide by the law when using our services.

By requesting our Services you affirm that your application of our Services may be stopped without notifications at our sole decision if you flout/contravene these Terms and/or we can confirm that you are not applicable to the presented rules.

Services provided

Our main job is focused to provide all users with excellent and professional Copywriting Services. The Copywriting Service defines the unique/original written content that will be granted to users after a successful request. Aforementioned unique/original written content is a professional, not plagiarized text on a certain subject and includes the requested amount of the pages by the user. This written content is done by professional essayists, writers, or even journalists collaborating as a team, and they are experts in many fields of knowledge. This written content can be presented in various formats, such as copyright, problem-solving, argumentative essay, etc. Any and all written content alluded herein and other types of written works drafted/prepared under these Terms hereinafter will be mentioned as “Essay/Paper”.

Other various services can be done if users provide enough information and description upon the request in the order form. In order to request a written assignment, you must use your account and accept our aforementioned Terms.

We are also working with any text materials that you have drafted, and you can use our proofread, edit, check services provided by the professionals to remove possible grammar, punctuation, or spelling mistakes, or even some plagiarized portions. Our users and clients must be aware that we do not support and respect plagiarism. In order to prevent any plagiarism, we are using the best software and systems.

How to Make an Order on Our Website

Once you successfully proceeded with registration, you can start requesting and ordering our services by clicking the “Order” button. You will fill up then the Order Form with necessary data, or there is also an option to contact our Support team and provide them with the information via phone too. You have to indicate all the personal data required properly. Since we respect our clients and their personal data, we do not use any forms of cheating while providing our users with certain professional services. The Order Forms with missing information will not be considered as Requests. It is your full obligation to provide accurate information by filling up the requests, otherwise, all possible misunderstandings, troubles, or issues fall under your responsibility.


After you complete the Order Form, you will be redirected to the page, where you must fill up your payment card details and finish the Order. It is worth mentioning that we provide our users with prepaid Services. In case your payoff was not completed properly, or our payment methods are restricted for you, we have the right to cancel your Order until the payoff is done. We encourage you to check the final price before completing the payoff.