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Capstone Essay/Project

During the study at a college you face a lot of different types of works and projects. Some of them are familiar to us from the school and some tasks differ and represent something new. Capstone Essay or Project is the type of academic work that represents a capstone phase of obtaining a degree. Thus, usually, it is written on the last course of the college. This essay has a lot of similar characteristics with the thesis. These both works are large and distinctively differ from think pieces and essays that were completed on the previous courses. However, in comparison to the thesis, Capstone Essay/Project represents a larger scope of work and larger research that usually can last for several months or half a year.

The concept of the Capstone Essay/Project is aimed at the development of critical thinking and research strategies of the students. When obtaining such a significant task they need to analyze and structure the subject and to work out the strategy of consistent research. Such skills are incredibly important and useful for the further professional career since when occupying a real position you will be required to process dozens or even hundreds of such tasks every day.

Capstone Essay or Project aims at activating all previously obtained skills and knowledge. When engaging with this type of essay students develop their critical thinking and skills of information conveying. This assignment is often an interdisciplinary project that eliminates boundaries of the knowledge areas and your imagination. Apparently, some cultural or social issues are selected as research topics for the Capstone Project. In such a way students develop not only their professional knowledge and skills but establish their citizenship initiative and position.

Steps to write a top-level Capstone Essay

  • Refresh in mind all essays and think pieces that you have written within the whole study at college. Perhaps, you can generate some related topic and use already available materials.
  • This type of assignment is similar to research work, thus it will be very useful to search for all your works of such format. You can save a lot of time if there are some ready research results.
  • Based on your future degree and, perhaps, works of the previous years, choose a topic. Do not be afraid to make it complicated and challenging but consider your possibilities by that. Confirm the topic with your tutor.
  • Work out a thorough plan. You need to consider the time that is available for work elaboration and make up a plan with specification of your activities related to essay writing and timeframes for each stage (it is better to consider all possible risks by that and do not leave it until late).
  • Devote time for material consideration and reading. Before you realize in what direction you need to move toward, do your best to read as many materials as you can to make up a correct mind about the subject and consider your further steps.
  • Make a list of trustworthy and significant sources that will be the core ones while crafting your essay.
  • Start with the theoretical part of your essay. Make drafts and notes.
  • Having elaborated the theoretical part, proceed with the required research. Visualize the obtained researches with diagrams and charts.
  • Follow with conclusions and summing up. Make it in such a way, so that all problems and research purposes that were stated at the beginning receive some explanations and solution.

Common mistakes when working over the Capstone Essay:

  • Underestimation (students are distracted by other activities and disciplines, forgetting that Capstone Essay is a decisive factor for obtaining their degree)
  • Insufficient analysis (the issue was considered in a rush and some key points were omitted)
  • Pressing deadlines (delaying of work over the assignment which directly impacts the quality of the content)
  • Lack of planning (absence of a clear and distinctive plan influences the effectiveness of work).

Capstone Essay specified the end of your college life and the start of your professional career. Writing such an assignment and conducting such a research makes you almost a ready professional that is able to scale new heights and is not afraid of challenges.