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How to Write a Coursework: 5 Comprehensive Tips

Coursework is a part of many high-school or college assignments and determines the ending of the course. It shows to examiners that students have fully understood what they have learned during the course or entire year. Just like any other academic assignment, a coursework is any piece of written or practical work that a student which contributes to student’s overall grades or marks. A well-written coursework paper will always result in a good grade.

By all means, writing a coursework takes a lot of time and energy. It consists of essays, writing articles, research assignments, investigations, dissertations, performing case studies or creating thesis papers.

Each coursework has different goals and varies from one subject to another. For example:

English coursework
English coursework typically takes the form of an extended essay where a student has to select a title of their choice. A student is usually given a choice of a theme or text to study and allowed to select the format.

Geography coursework
Conversely, coursework in geography requires concentration on gathering information and conduct investigations. For example, students can explore the river formation, desert features or usage of social facilities and report the findings.

Unlike exams, working on a coursework allows you days, weeks or even month for preparation. However, the abundance of time you have available for working on your coursework, compared to the time frameworks in the exam room, can lead to students starting their project in the last minute and forgetting about deadlines.

Douglas Adams – author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – once said: “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” Time management is sadly an imperative of everyday life and keeping deadlines will surely help make the work itself less stressful.

Coursework Writing Plan

1) Choose a Topic

Define a field of your research and try to choose a topic you’re really interested in.

Make sure it’s not too hackneyed, but also not too specialized or under-researched. During your work with a coursework, you will need resources, and it is better to be able to find them without difficulties.

Ideally, ask your teachers for some help on deciding upon your topic if you’re not sure what exactly to write about. They might give you some helpful advice.

2) Create a Schedule

It often happens that students have much more free time than they know what to do with, so it’s too easy to fall into a trap of time-wasting, where you end up not getting anything done at all.

An easy way to avoid this is to write a timetable for yourself and strictly follow it. Know your deadlines and set a particular agenda.

Make some notes and keep doing it every day and try to remain tuned.

3) Research

Figure out more about where you can find all the information needed.

Since coursework is a pure research, use as many various sources as you can: libraries, materials written by expert authors, the Internet, newspapers and anything else you think might be important.

4) Plan and Write

Take your time to create a plan for how you’re going to structure your project.

Write a structure in the range of your research. In particular, structure planning is important for big projects, because there is a lot of information that needs to be arranged.

Avoid possible distractions to focus on the material perfectly. Keep working on your paper unless you make it look like a final copy.

5) Finishing a Coursework

Before submitting your coursework, make sure to edit and proofread it. Insert the support materials where appropriate. Also, you should check all the data and bibliography in it for accuracy.

Ensure your writing is top-notch! Good luck!


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