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Free Grammar Checker Tool

It goes without saying that without good grammar, clear communication is nearly impossible. Being able to write efficiently with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation remains a critical part of being a literate writer. People usually consider good grammar to be a mark of intelligence and education. What is more, writing correctly gives you the appearance of credibility that is extremely important if you are attempting to build a reputation as an expert in your profession. If you present papers and documents that are well-written, proofread, and grammatically correct you are more likely to inspire trust with these key stakeholders in your research project.

At college, poor grammar will undoubtedly cause you to lose marks. Good grammar will not only improve your marks but can make your academic paper easier to read. Our free grammar check won`t allow your readers to form a negative impression of you based on your poor grammar skills. It is a good idea to start working with this lifesaver if you don`t want to damage your reputation. Proper grammar will keep you from being misunderstood while expressing your thoughts and ideas.

Opt for grammar checker that can perform complex corrections

You should always bear in mind that almost everybody, including native speakers, is prone to silly grammatical mistakes. Thanks to our advanced grammar checking too, you will be able to save your editing time and check all the mistakes that slipped into your text with just a few clicks. Here are the most common writing errors that our program can correct for you:

  • Missing comma after an introductory element;
  • Missing comma in a compound sentence;
  • Missing comma with a nonrestrictive element;
  • Unnecessary commas with a restrictive element;
  • Vague pronoun reference that occurs when a pronoun doesn`t have a clear antecedent;
  • Unnecessary shift in pronoun;
  •  Lack of agreement between pronoun and antecedent;
  • A wrong or missing verb ending that occurs when a writer adds an incorrect ending;
  • Unnecessary shift in verb tense;
  • Wring tense or verb form;
  • Faulty subject-verb agreement that occurs when the subject and the verb of the sentence do not agree in number;
  • Comma splice;
  • Sentence fragment;
  • A fused or run-on sentence that is two main clauses that have no punctuation separating them;
  • Misplaced or dangling modifier;
  • A misplaced modifier that is a phrase or clause that is modifying the incorrect noun or pronoun.

How to make our grammar checker work?

The fact that our grammar check is completely free to use for all of your grammar needs makes it a very attractive option. Furthermore, using our website is a very simple process. All you have to do is just to copy and paste the piece of writing you would like to check into the text box. The program will check everything over for you, highlight all the areas that need improvement, and give you a full explanation of the problem. Just grammar check your way to academic success!