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Compare & Contrast Essay

Compare & Contrast Essay is quite a widespread type of academic work that can be written in a variety of subjects. In fact, such type of essay can be relevant for any knowledge area as it requires several things and notions to be opposed. This essay type Essay represents a big work with detailed and reasonable specification and comparative characteristics of two and more thins or notions. The core point of this think piece is in finding the difference between compared notions and specifying this contrast for the readers.

The concept of comparing objects or notions, in fact, appears to be very effective for obtaining knowledge by students. When listening to lecturers or crafting essays on a simple topic they learn some information about the certain subject area. Sometimes this knowledge can be rather sufficient, but such tasks as thorough analysis and comparison demand understanding of things on a deeper level. Thus, Compare & Contrast Essay needs a complete understanding of two or more subjects, only in such a way the topics can be conferred and analyzed. This sort of assignment is an excellent means to make students think critically, structure information and analyze a large scope of information. This kind of assignment is one of the best preparation for further grown-up life since there will be a lot of things that require comprehensive analysis, both in professional and personal regard.

The Procedure of Writing:

  1. Chose the ideas or notions for comparison. First of all, you should decide on the topic and subject that will be compared. The subjects should refer to the same knowledge area or any other common ground. You can opt for similar subjects or different ones, but still, they need to have some shared fields or application area that will become a starting point for your comparison. It is possible to select any number of subjects for comparison starting from two, but try to estimate your things and volume of your paper and do not try to write about dozens of things at once.
  2. Brainstorm your subject. This stage includes studying the information regarding the topic and conducting research. You need to find all trustworthy sources, read a lot and generate your ideas. At this stage, it is very useful to draw charts, diagrams and make notes. Due to the variety of information, you can omit important things and some drafts will help to keep in mind everything.
  3. Think over the core points. Using the obtained data within research, you need to specify the key points of your comparison. You can do it in the written form and write a plan. Thus, your essay should include specification of selected subjects and proceed with their comparison. Working out a plan secures you from making a lot of failures when you write essay guided by the improvisation.
  4. Provide a justified opposing. To deliver a high quality work of this type you need to prepare a reasonable comparison. For this, you need to keep in mind the title of your essay and its purpose. By your opposing, you need to achieve the set purpose and answer all questions that were outlined at the beginning of your essay. When making a comparison, try to structure information and represent it in a readable format. Use numbered lists, paragraphs, diagrams, and tables. In such a way the contrast between the subjects will be visualized and more evident.
  5. Write reasonable conclusions. Any essay or think piece should result in conclusions and Compare & Contrast Essay is not an exception. Try to sum up research conducted by you and cover problems stated at the beginning.

This type of the work demands from you not just to be good in perception the information, but in its comparison, analysis and consideration. Such skills are of vital importance in the modern life and will be definitely appreciated by your further employers.