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Effective Guide on Writing Cause & Effect Essay

Cause & Effect Essay presupposes search of reasons and results. It is the type of academic work that is often performed by students at school or in the first years at college. This assignment refers to those written tasks that aim at the development of students’ attention, critical thinking, analyzation skills, etc. Due to such works, students’ skills of simple retelling of the information are upgrades to its comprehensive consideration and structuring.

This think piece is an essay that provides a description of a certain cause (reasons) and provoked by that effects (results). Thus, this type of the essay should provide a consistent analyzation of a particular phenomenon or subject that starts with a cause that can consist in any actions or events and proceeds to effect, i.e. results of the mentioned cause.

Before starting with the essay, you should study the information about the cause and effect notions. One should understand these notions thoroughly and distinguish them. Without such skills, it is impossible to succeed in writing an essay. Most probably, the subject of your essay will be rather complicated and sophisticated. Therefore, we advise to practice in finding cause and effect using the simple situations at first and then to move towards complicated ones.

An effective procedure of writing:

  1. Write down the assignment and clarify all requirements. Listen carefully to the teacher’s explanation of your topic and all related instructions. Amy misunderstanding or mistakenly noted details can result in the wrong outcome.
  2. Consider the objective of the assignment. This essay type often has complicated topics and is aimed at the description of complex notions. Make efforts to sort the things out. Having a clear understanding of your topic and its goal leads to effective work over the essay.
  3. Conduct a deep research. Any think piece or essay is based on research. Before writing about some things you need to have a clear understanding of what they mean and represent. Read books, related articles, and online resources and make notes.
  4. Consult your teacher. Having completed the research phase you may feel some confusion and dismay. It is obvious that you can have a lot of questions that require a clarification. It is important to consult your teacher at this stage. He/she will help you to understand the subject better and to direct your knowledge to the right steam.
  5. Craft an outline. A short outline or plan will help to consider your future essay and to elaborate proper structure for it.
  6. Focus on the cause and effect description. It is important to avoid long introductory words or distractions from the subject. Your task is to describe the cause and effect, so do your best this to be your focal point.
  7. Create a relevant conclusion. Sum up all stated information and answer to the problem stated at the beginning of your essay. Point out the cause and effect and make your conclusion consistent and relevant.

Common mistakes

  • Devoting more attention to a certain part of the essay (failure in striking balance between cause and effect description)
  • Lack of understanding the core notions required for the essay
  • Insufficient research
  • Neglecting essay editing and proofreading
  • Inability to view the work from a different angle

Such a type of essay is a challenge to some extent and requires a lot of efforts from the students. In fact, the main thing is to start your work and then you become absorbed into the topic and your thinking and writing activities will be seamlessly functioning until the essay accomplishment.