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Free Paraphrasing Tool

In fact, paraphrasing is an important skill in academic writing. Sometimes, you really need to paraphrase in order to clarify a short passage that might be unclear or that is necessary for you to include in your academic paper. Paraphrasing allows you to succinctly compare, contrast, and synthesize the ideas of scholars in your field. It also gives you the opportunity to represent the ideas of others and demonstrate how your own ideas relate to the ideas of other scholars. What is more, it correctly avoids inadvertent plagiarism. However, poor paraphrasing may lead to a distortion of the original author`s idea, concept or message. So what to do if you lack the ability to restate ideas in your own words?

Here is a perfect solution for you – a superb paraphrasing tool that will paraphrase your paper promptly. This program will enable you to rewrite any written piece of content into a fresh piece, yet keeping the original meaning of the text same. You can use this free paraphrasing tool to rewrite any text in order to save time and get a different version.

How exactly does it function?

It goes without saying that writing original materials takes a lot of time and effort. That is why our high-quality paraphrasing tool can serve you as a legitimate way to include the ideas of others when appropriately referenced. With just a single click all the words and phrases that our smart program finds worth replacing are replaced with an equally suitable synonym or phrase. It is extremely important to make sure that the sentence structure and the vocabulary are different from the original when paraphrasing. If you want to use online paraphrasing, you only need to copy and paste your paper. However, it is extremely necessary to look through the paper making edits and referencing original sources before handling it to your instructor.

Create the high-quality content by using our paraphrasing tool

Paraphrasing is exceptionally helpful for academic purposes such as summarizing, clarifying or simplifying information, preventing plagiarism, creating sentence cohesion and attaching expressiveness to the speech. Other reasons to employ paraphrasing are: giving expert evidence for a point you are making in your own paper, or presenting an opposing point of view that you wish to refute, or citing a quotation indirectly. The thing is that our personal vocabulary is always limited and we subconsciously use only the most common words. Just come to our service whenever you need to put something in different words. This program is especially convenient if there is a great amount of information on a particular subject. Rearranging sentence structure won’t be so difficult and tiresome anymore. Our paraphrasing tool is available online any time of the day and you don’t have to download it onto your PC or laptop. It will spin any sentence or paragraph into something with the same meaning, but with new and original wording. Just click go and get your excellent results!