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Secrets of motivation: how to do your homework faster

What is the process of doing homework like? Someone keeps working all day long; someone is doing things in the last minute. But if you find yourself starring in your textbook for hours and thinking about what movie to watch on the weekend, then you are probably trying to do your homework. These hours you lose in vain could be spent on the things you do like and we understand your pain. You still may cope even with lots of assignments if you plan your time and know what to do.

Importance of management

We are all human beings and not robots, but usually teachers forget about it forcing students to complete great amount of work in a short period of time. It makes you struggle with assignments at a night which is obviously not good for your health: it may lead to problems with sleep, part-time job, your relationships with people, mental health and physical condition. For this reason it is important to learn a secret of proper time management and organize your home assignments to fit your schedule and make you feel more relieved.

Distraction and concentration

The main thing which stands between you and successful completion of your homework is distraction: any little thing may lead to the writer’s block and you get stuck in the middle starring at one point. To avoid it, use the following tips:

  • No electronic devices. Online communication is your foe because it takes up most of your time. Turn off your smart phone, we are sure your friends can do without you for a couple of hours;
  • Good environment. We all work best when we feel comfortable, so the worst place to do your homework is your bed or floor. Choose a soft sofa and make sure the light is okay: it will lead to more fruitful and enjoyable work;
  • Timer usage. What amount of time are you planning to devote to your home assignments? Set a timer for one hour, for example, and if you fail to do your work the alarm will notify you about it.
  • Get help. If someone helps you, it is priceless. But do not get involved into long discussions: just ask a question and keep working.

Homework plan

A good option is to create a plan and follow it. This way you will understand the scope of work and it will help you concentrate on the main points.

  1. Write the list of assignments and calculate time you will dedicate to each of them;
  2. Move step by step: when you finish a task, cross it off;
  3. Do homework at once after returning from college – do not postpone unpleasant duties, get rid of them and enjoy the rest of your day;
  4. Set priorities. All our life is about setting priorities, the same concerns your homework. What part of your assignment is the most important? What will take up most of the time? Choose the most difficult task and start with it. Once you are done, it will be easier to finish much easier assignments.

How to get motivated

If nothing can cheer you up, remember that motivation comes from simple things:

  • Taking breaks (which gives you some time to fresh your head and thoughts);
  • Getting new knowledge (if you like your specialization);
  • High grades (which you receive when you successfully complete the task).

Good motivation may not be material; it is a reward for most part of students. It also makes the process interesting and fun. However, do not forget about your health: drink water, eat healthy food, do not stay up too long. The benefits of good planning are obvious: you will be full of energy, done with work and ready to new adventures!