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Writing a Decent Reflective Paper

A reflective paper is an overview of some literary work, article, lecture, etc. This paper includes constructive analysis and person opinion. Such papers are rather tricky and require a lot of efforts from a writer. It is important to understand the subject, comprehend message and incorporate obtained experience and impressions into the own paper.

Prerequisites of crafting a great paper

No matter what is the subject of your reflective paper, you should keep in mind that it is important to prepare for its writing from the very beginning.

  • Identify the main theme (try to make notes when listening to the lecture or reading a novel and define core points. Make your sentences concise and to the point)
  • Write all related thoughts that come to your mind (you can come across related topics before and it will be useful to write down all thoughts, ideas or even quotations that can be useful for further paper)
  • Make schematically notes (it is very convenient to represent information in the tables and charts. For example, you can make a table with three columns, indicating author message in the first one, your own ideas in the second one and use the third column for formulations that will be used by you in the reflective paper).

Organizing the reflective paper

You need to take care of a valid plan for your paper and logical structure of your content. These aspects are the most significant indicators of top quality paper. Besides that, you need to control the volume of your paper. Thus, avoid endless considerations that will bore your reader, be concise and to the point.

Reflective paper presupposes that except retelling of the article, lecture or work you will provide your own assessment on it. Thus except your conclusions and assumptions, you can also introduce your expectations along with all the related information that is familiar to you.

Make valid description and analysis of the subject under consideration. Here you need to show your readers that the subject is clear to you and you can easily operate facts. You need to maintain a professional or academic tone that will show your expertize and familiarity with the area.

To make your paper structurally complete and logical your conclusions should be correlated to your expectations stated at the beginning. Describe the overall impression and your own feelings that were invoked by the work under analysis.

Paying attention to details

To make your paper perfect you need to check and proofread it. Thus, it is better when your essay undergoes several different validations. At first, eliminate all grammar mistakes and make sure that all punctuation marks are at the right place. Secondly, you need to analyze your paper as a whole unit and at the sentence level. In the first case, you need to consider paper consistency and coherency, while sentence analysis requires attention to word order and appropriateness of formulations. Try to make your paper original and interesting but do not forget to show your professional expertise.